Mia Kaltes

“Making people dance and offering them a place to escape to, is what makes me tick,” says
Mia. For her, openness of mind represents adapting her music to each different moment so
she never limits herself to only one kind of music.

Releases :

Since 2004, Mia Kaltes, a Swiss-Italian, who has been living in Biel for 16 years, has been
mixing in different clubs and alternative places mainly in French-speaking Switzerland, as
well as in Bern. She has travelled several times to Prague, and in 2014 she was invited to
spin in Moscow, at the Rodnya, and the Cafe Alcove. She mixed last September, in Milan, for
the BUKA parties with Mira from the label Katermukke, Berlin.

Since 2013, she has been seen more often in Zurich as she is regularly invited by the group
"We’re Lush" formed by the duo: Dualism (Numbolic Records) for the "Lush Play" nights
which have been tagged #deep, #slow and #emotional. Several other clubs in Zurich, such as
Schneiderei for the famous Rauscharm parties, Babette for the "Les Filles" parties, UFO
parties and several open airs during this summer 2017 also invited her to play. She will be
back at Frieda's Büxe on December 23rd, 2017.

Since autumn 2016, she has a residence at "Le Petit Coin du Seeland" for a concept known
as "First Friday" during the wintertime. This location is actually a store which offers products
from the region in the old city Biel and is a nice, cosy, warm place.

DJ and producer for the label FINEFOOD RECORDS, since 2011, the song: "Elegance is
Destroyed", created with David Fjörgenson, and remixed by Seph and Ryan Hawkin was the
first vinyl release of the label, in 2013.

In February 2017, she and her friend, Abused Disco, released the album "Papillon",
composed of two tracks (Techno / Tech House) under the Swiss label: THE LIMBIIC SYSTEM

She has several projects in preparation, more personal, less "Clubbing" than the first
releases, and would like to move towards her live act in the coming years and dreams of
forming a group.

Her attraction to underground sound, has taken her to and from several musical variants:
She started by playing "pure and hard" electro, and passed through many electronic styles
such as progressive and tribal tek-house, before discovering minimal, followed by minimal
techno (labels such as Minus etc)

And then the years passed, and since 2013, her heart beats to a lower tempo, multicultural,
emotional, initially, around 118-120 BPM, but today it goes down to 80 to 111 BPM, as soon
as it has the opportunity. She likes to call this “reality music" because for her, this music is
deep, emotional and represents a little of the state our world is in today.

The joys of this world, its beauty, its fantasy, but also with its horrors, its hardness, its
melancholy does not please everyone. You have to have a trained ear, be alternatively
musically oriented, according to her, to understand and listen to this music.

For informed public only.

Programmer of the "Planet E” Club in Bienne (CH) (ex Unit Club, ex Legend), during its
opening year (2010-2011), she had her own concept under the name of "Electronica Planet
E" where she invited and played with some of the best Swiss artists of the time such as:
Airbios, Goodman et Mil Waukee (de Bienne), Jacqui, Luluxpo, Solange la Frange, Ryan
Hawkin, Don Ramon, Mr Mike, Nader, Mismo, Girl, Manon, Mark'Off, Ghetto Po, Konpiuta,
Nicolas Duvoisin, Markus Haze, Gogo, Nukem, Andri, Dan Noël, Yan.Ka et among just a few.

And some of the best international names:
Benjamin Fehr (Berlin), Cesare vs Disorder (Berlin), Gaiser (Minus), Seph (Argentine), Lega
(Moscou), K.Sandra (Prague), Miss Duckin & Duckk (France) etc...

For some time, she was also involved in the programming of the Finefood Records evening
at the Black Sheep (Fribourg) and the Para (Neuchâtel) where she invited international
artists such as Doubtingthomas, several times (for other evenings too), Nico Corso (member
of the label Finefood Records, Argentina) as well as other artists from the label.

She tries to play vinyl whenever possible but she also went digital, and plays on 4 track
Traktor using a MIDI controller.