Benjamin Fehr

Benjamin fehr, the berlin based producer, Dj and head honcho of catenaccio records is permanently working on the development of "groove noir".

Ryan Hawkin

Owner and boss of Finefood Records, he has been passionate about electronic music for twenty years, Ryan Hawkin has multiplied projects and shows the evolution of his acoustic world by his artistic approach.

Mia Kaltes

“Making people dance and offering them a place to escape to, is what makes me tick,” says
Mia. For her, openness of mind represents adapting her music to each different moment so
she never limits herself to only one kind of music.

Eran Ben Zeev

Eran Ben-Zeev is an up and coming musician hailing from the neighborhoods of Tel Aviv

SeQ aka Rawtec

Jacobo Hernández also known as 'SeQ' his musical history is quite complex.


Jacqui fell in love with electronic music the first time she heard in 1994 and has mixed and bought records regularly since then

ThomasT & Anish

Swiss dj’s and producers ThomasT and Anish share the same passion for electronic music and its multitude of sounds and rythms

Luca Torre

It is as gabber and ambient trip-hop producer that Samuel Severino makes his first steps in electronic music (1996)

Kane Roth

Her passion to electronic music inflamed in the beginnings of the nineties.

Marco Da Mata

Marco da Mata is a Portuguese DJ and producer born in 1978 and now living in Switzerland. 


Ema is a Dj and producer, who started touching music in 2000


Ario was born in Italy in 1982, fascinated by the DJ image, he began his musical experience in the house community in the mid-nineties.

Greg Shepherd

“115 … 123 BPM, that’s the kind of tempo I like. Call it Techno, Acid House, Deep House... to me it’s emotions in a bottle. Music? The ideal fuel for the engine of our sensations. It depends on your mood and your heart and when both are united, the result provides a beautifully simple and essential well-being.”


The good folks around here produce, record and mix with passion. From controling knobs to pressing vinyl, Reponse is the answer. Literally ! We bang out all kinds of digital dope. From dark and emotional minimalist beats to powerful grooves, we got you covered from the recording studio to the dancefloors. Come fuck with us.

Remixers - Guests

From Karaoke to Stardom

Why this name, this long stupid name ? First of all it was some kind of reaction to the birth of ever growing said to be real TV, the desperate need of brainless kids to be famous, by any means necessary, without having any talent to show or story to tell. It was also a love letter to the origins of techno, music without faces and top of the pops djs. Things have changed a little but for some of us the spirit lives on.

Music in general and electronic music even more has always been a way to trip, not to escape reality but to be able to alter it for a little while. This is what i aim for when i produce or perform. I impose myself no barriers, no style, no proven recipe, no fashion of the moment. I'd rather let myself go to experimentation, surprise and imagination. Darkness and melancholy are often here and there, just to show beauty is everywhere, even in the darkest corners, You just have to know where to look or listen to.


Hailing from Buenos Aires, Sebastian Galante a.k.a. Seph is one of Argentina's main electronic music artists. With nearly 10 years of activity in the techno scene, he has established himself as a multi-faceted artist, dividing his time between roles such as an energetic, prolific producer, heavily requested remixer, Aula Magna Records label manager, and a live act which has driven him to perform all across the globe. A sound experimentalist at heart, he devotes his time into expanding the sonic experience on the dance-floor and in the mind. 

Having lived as a teenager in Norwich, and after studying piano and percussion for a decade since the age of 7, he was intensely influenced by the urban beats and electronic pop of the 80s and 90s. And as a result of discovering Kraftwerk, Bjork, Plastikman and Ricardo Villalobos, he quickly dove into sound synthesis and sampling, producing techno and electronica in his late high school years. 

In 2004 he becomes an Electronic Arts student at the UNTREF university, and at age 19 Seph's debut EP "Goust" is released on Igloo-rec, becoming one of the label's main faces and thrusting him to achieve popularity in the underground minimal techno scene. His collaborations and projects with fellow argentinian artists like Dilo, Pablo Denegri and Jorge Savoretti grants him a spot in what was the starting point of the new argentinian minimal techno movement. After early releases on labels like Telegraph, Stock5, Kalimari, Phonocult, 11AM and having tracks included in compilations mixed by DJs like Jeremy Caulfield and Ellen Allien, he made Dumb Unit Records his home-base, with releases such as his 2010 critically acclaimed debut album Alquimia, that finally defined his mysterious and IDM-driven techno.

During the last few years his music has been released on Harry Klein Records, City Fox, Items and Things and his main focus: his own label Aula Magna Records, created with fellow musical allies and close friends Pablo Denegri, Mekas and Qik. A home for their own electronic music obsessions, the label is a platform for sound experiments and forward-looking techno.

Seph has made live shows all over the world in clubs and events such as Cocoliche, Crobar and Pacha (Buenos Aires), Fabric (London), Arma17 (Moscow), Harry Klein (Munich), Fuse (Brussels), City Fox (Zurich), Flex (Vienna), Watergate (Berlin), D-Edge (Sao Paolo), Kazantip Festival (Ukraine), Mutek (Buenos Aires) Minitek (New York), South American Music Conference (Buenos Aires), Lantern (Beijing), Earth Freq (Brisbane, Australia) and Treehouse (Miami). 


Born, 1979, in Switzerland, KONPIUTA grew up in a artistic and musical environment. His own musical journey began at age 6 when he started playing the classical piano during several years and later the electric guitar and bass.
As a teenager, Konpiuta was into rock music and played bass in a variety of « Tennager-bands » inspired by grunge, funk, world music and lot of jam sessions. However, when he was confronted for the first time (late 90′s) to deconstructed and industrial electronic sounds, he realised very quickly the variety of emotions and atmospheres of that mental music or non-music.
His music addiction would focus on a more abstract and introspective sound. From 2000 onwards, Konpiuta began to create his musical universe at his own home studio comprised from a vast array of instruments he’d lovingly collected. Inspired by artists such as Autechre, Sutekh, Twerk, Anders Ilar, Plastikman, Vladislav delay, Aphex Twin, Pan_sonic or Murcof, Konpiuta was to keep his first musical works outside of the music industry allowing his sound to develop independently from the clubbing and DJ scenes.

Konpiuta also undertook studies in visual arts fusing his music and sound exploration with visual experimentation. Konpiuta began performing live at private parties and then launched his sound to the music world with the generous help of VR Records (Lausanne) who offered him the opportunity to play in différent clubs and at the Caprices Festival in Crans Montana (CH) in 2006. It was there that the public and music press were hypnotised by the velvet texture and deep dark sonorities of Konpiuta’s music.

In 2008, konpiuta began to play in different places around the world (Canada, Russia, Austria, Germany, France ,Belgium)


MiniJool is a young Swiss artist, passionate about electronic music "minimalistic" & subtle, he listened, and Analising mixed for many years.Rated instrument, he took piano lessons as a youngster. Passionate about art and especially music, he is s decided to create his own sound, and began to invest in a Mac (then those apps ..)

Working primarily on Ableton Live with x. .. plugins ..... ;-)

In 2008, Mini jool Konpiuta meeting together it creates the project "Logoree. The concept was to play live together, each with his "machine " and its loop. The duo Logoree "has played in several events in Switzerland during the year.

2009 is a year of change, the project Logoree is set aside. Mini Jool a dedicated developer techniques self-taught in his home studio.

2010 was the year of exercise and discovery, he found his bearings with the apps and started creating tracks while continuing to search for new sounds and techniques ..

2011, will be the year of the explosion!! He will start his career on the label Finefood Rec. of his dearest friends Ryan Hawkin.

He has come out full production, and work with lots of artists to always push the boundaries a little further.

David Fjörgenson

September 1992 is a revolution for him: one of his friends (SIX! For President ...) introduces him to the legendary TB-303 of Roland and the other 606, 808, 909, 707 Wouah! Since then, he is hooked… The same year, David begins studying electronics and computer.

In '93, he begins to accumulate different music equipment (keyboard, drum machine, sampler, midi controller ...) to create his own home studio. It is during this period that he began Deejing with subsequent appearances in different clubs in Switzerland and abroad, like the ACTV Valencia in Spain and the Roxy Club in NYC ... City where he made friends who introduced him to the sound of the East Coast and Detroit ... Flash! In 96, together with some mates in Switzerland, David takes part in the creation of the techno labels Flash Records and Raptor Records.

In 2000, creation of a new recording studio with some musician friends. This new experience has enabled him to develop new and unexpected musical collaborations as well as meet other musicians from various backgrounds and of very different style. In recent years, David has further fine-tuned his skills of sound designer and his technical expertise in recording studio; this has gradually led his creations to acoustic colors purer and more minimal such as we can discover them today.

Jens Bond

Jens Bond has carved a niche for himself in the crowded world of electronic music through his exceptional ear for finely crafted, balanced rhythms. As a result, the Berlin based DJ and producer is much in demand, both for his skills in rocking dance-floors and for his sublime studio productions.

Bringing beats to life is his calling card - percussion and grooves are arranged with intense attention to detail, without sacrificing the underlying funk that marks his sound.

The roots run deep - Jens was always devoted to music and began his first musical steps as a drummer for several bands. Following his move to Berlin he became an active member of the electronic music scene, his solid musical background and feeling for rhythm directly influenced his success as a DJ and producer. As a result, he’s much in demand at top clubs and events in Berlin and further afield.

Much of his success could be ascribed to his well-tuned ear for the right sound at the right time, along with a sixth sense for rhythmic subtlety. Crisp rhythm pattern and hypnotic melodies have become a signature of his own productions and have led to various releases on some of Berlin’s most prolific labels, including POKER FLAT, SENDER and HIGHGRADE, and UK imprint IMMIGRANT RECORDS. Working between the boundaries of house and techno, Jens’ tracks are marked by an electronic funk that thrills dance floors time and time again.

What’s more, his releases with Benno Blome (as Bond & Blome) and collaborations with Guido Schneider have produced some sublime and highly popular tracks. With current releases on CADENZA LAB, CITYFOX and AUDIOMATIQUE, his sound continues to develop and reach new audiences, while his work as an in-demand remixer has led to projects with the THOUGHTLESS and HYPERCOLOUR labels. For the near future he has scheduled some interesting collaborations with his friends Guido Schneider and Jacob Phono, which are sure to raise the bar once again. Keep your eyes and ears open!

Nelson De Jesus

In 2015, it will be 20 years that talented Nelson de Jesus has been spinning vinyl, since the age of 16 in fact. His style is timeless and varies between minimal house tinged by a deep 
techno touch making his mixes paced, yet hot and heavy. His sublimation of the decks with his gifted techniques, has permitted him to play in most Swiss clubs and many important 
locations on the international scene. As an organizer, he has designed party labels such as  Shake it!, Sugar and Maximal Minimal. So many years of dance floor mastership can only 
lead to one inevitable thing, producing, and in 2012 he started his own label Mature Music Recording.


Juliette Cazier is a young producer living in the north of France. Fascinated by all styles of music, she launched herself into electronic music after falling in love with Minus Records and artists such as; Heartthrob, Marc Houle, and Ambivalent. “Juliett” learned about the different ways to create sounds and produce music.

Now three years on since her journey began, she has already released on solid labels like: Creepy Finger Records, Hex , Frucht and Lethal Dose. Her music is dark and atmospheric, consisting of groovy rhythms and beautiful beats.

“Juliett” has already scheduled a considerable amount of projects on various labels and now also on Finefood Records with a beautiful remix on the next vinyl Ep "World 247" released soon on

Building her name and reputation on a daily basis, her melodies and bass lines are currently shaking sound systems around the world.

Dan Noël

Dan Noel was born in Switzerland in 1975. Growing up in an artists family, he was always involved with music and as a child he followed his dad for all his hippy gigs. 

During his teenage years, Dan fell in love with electronic sounds, and covering the Acid house phenomenon and listening to acts like Prodigy, T he Shamen and Depeche Mode.

After a first trip to Ibiza in 1999, he became totally addicted to all kind of house music and never went back. Formerly know under his Dan Welton moniker (Noir Music or Rawthentic Music), as his style became more personal and defined, he decided to "drop the mask" in 2012 and let his authentic musical identity shine.

His latest releases and remixes on Little Helpers, Baile Musik, Memoria, Yoruba Groove, Hummingbird, Alboratory, Tip Tap, Material or Konzentrisch already got big feedbacks by international headliners such as Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Raresh, Robert Dietz, Nima Gorji, Stacey Pullen, Noir, Ramon Tapia, Tini, Jessica Diaz, Mihai Popoviciu, Patrick Zigon, Someone Else, Chaim, Scott Kemp, Luca Doobie, Ittetsu or Leon to name but a few…

David Torr

I ‘m mixing since the age of 12, starting with Hip Hop. Soon I needed a little more pace and then I discovered House music. In 1998 I devoted myself to my studies and I was forced to put music aside. Back in 2007 I realized I could not live without music, so I took again control of the turntables and start playing in major clubs in Neuchatel. I like discovering new sounds and my goal at a party is to share with the audience a good musical moment and literally transport them. Music allows us to travel through a multitude of cultures and I like to show it. I’m currently making my first steps into music production and I’ll soon be able to share MY music with you!

Robie Rios

Born on May 15, 1975 in Switzerland in Neuchâtel where he will find his love for electronic music. It’s in 2001 that begins his passion, in discovering all sorts of samplers and hardware sequencers, that he will prefer until today to the virtual instruments that have become unavoidable himself recognizes it ! Multi-faceted artist juggling surprising rhythms, he will always be looking for new sounds he loves to torture and who will make his trademark!
His taste for Underground Music, will give him his inspiration. For him the creation of each track is primarily a research for sensations more than just a rhythm or a
melody. That is why it will be difficult to compare is work to others.

Hernan Bass

From Buenos Aires, Hernan Bass is a well-known talented producer at the dark techno global scene and founder of Krad Records. He begins with the electronic music since 2008 as a dj and 1 year later he started do his own music. His productions were used for several well-recognized dj’s. 

Labels like Frucht, Doma Musique, Minim.all , Music Kollektiv, Divided, Lethal Scritp/Dose, Creepy Finger Seta label, Italo Bussines and more have released his music, also vinyls at Der Hut, La Boheme Records, FineFood Rec.

Until this day, he keeps playing at clubs from different countries as Argentina, Portugal, Germany, Belgica, France, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Cape Town, Johanesburg and rest of Europe, also many radio shows coming up.

He always continues in his search for a clean and unique sound on his music, constantly evolving.

Soukie & Windish

Nayan Soukie and Fritz Windish are an intercity duo based in Berlin. They are deeply rooted in the north of Germany with strong ties to some of the best venues like Fusion Festival / Bachstelzen, Garbicz Festival, Kater Blau and Wilde Renate. Their own imprint URSL showcases a variety of sound and artists from Berlin and around.In the last years they have established their own sound signature of driving deepness, which carries you like a flying carpet under your feet. Booking:

ThomasT & Anish

Swiss dj’s and producers ThomasT and Anish share the same passion for electronic music and its multitude of sounds and rythms. Over the years Thomas and Anish met, explored, shared and travelled across several music styles and experiences. Their first collaboration in the studio is the perfect chance to express and enhance their creativity. More over to experiment new cutting-­‐edge sounds according to their own style and musical beliefs. Continuous research on details and harmony of sounds is the main peculiarity which characterizes these two highly talentedguys. Thomas and Anish are in love with a deeper, emotional and dark sound which unites their different musical backgrounds.