Elegance Is Destroyed EP (sold out)

Elegance Is Destroyed EP (sold out)

12 inch
Saturday, March 23, 2013


After a year of hard work, we are very proud to present the first fresh ep, Elegance is destroyed composed by David Fjörgenson and Mia Kaltes. First of a long series of a great new project by the new Swiss Label Finefood Records, includes in this release a special rmx by Seph and a second rmx by Ryan Hawkin, boss of Finefood Records. Minimal & Groovy, yet Ghostly and contemporary techno is the line of this new ep which will certainly attract the ears of the most refined djs

Elegance is Destroyed - Original (David Fjögenson & Mia Kaltes) 

Hauntingly elegant this track flirts with Latino percussions intertwined with a masterful baseline and takes the dance floor to another planet, wilder yet contained. You could get lost if you close your eyes as the sounds twirl around you and sweep you off your feet. Luckily you don't leave the ground, as your feet are too busy grooving to the rhythm.

Elegance is Destroyed- Ryan Hawkin Remix

Ryan Hawkin's interpretation while being truthful to the original, stands out with his own personal stamp as he applies his artful way of introducing sounds as an aquarelle artist introduces colour, diluting the colours and using lighter lines and strokes, painting only the essential leaving the listener the luxury of colouring in the rest of this intense tableau. Soundscaping at its best.

Elegance is Detstroyed - Seph Remix

The wilderness of the original is underlined in this remix where we literally feel as the sounds have gone through a blender, as Seph's raw talent unleashes the groovy Latino undertones as he amalgamates the original sounds, and serves up an exquisite dance floor smoothie. Rhythm and percussion provide the same amount of concentrated vitamins which will be needed when listening to this track.