The Forge EP

The Forge EP

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Forge Ep by Ryan Hawkin and David Fjörgenson incl Benjamin Fehr RMX

The Forge Original (David Fjörgenson & Ryan Hawkin) 

This roller coaster of a track starts right at the top of the ride and relentlessly it propels one up and up through a wealth of sounds, up even higher and down and round again and again, leaving the listener short of breathe with excitement. Dangerous yet exhilarating the dark undertones are just like the rush of the double down drop and then groove kicks in, adding rolls and curves to the ride of a lifetime.

The Forge Benjamin Fehr Remix

Benjamin Fehr is back with a remix on the Swiss label, Fine Foods. His hypnotic interpretation of The Forge, while having light sonorities, has an underlying current of energy, which is masterfully contained to the point of it being sweetly unbearable. A deep, rhythmic volcano on the never-ending point of erupting, all eyes watch in anticipation. His unique sense of cadence keeps this abundant energy under tight control and delights the dance floor.

The Forge Ryan Hawkin Remix

This lighter, more aired version of The Forge reflects Ryan Hakins love of detail as he threads the very fibre of sound together ever so delicately, while weaving in a very powerful baseline to give form to a very funky fabric. Just as each precise stitch is essential to silk Chantilly lace, each sound is deliberately placed in this phonic tapestry, embroidering the track as one would the finest of cloth.