David Fjörgenson

September 1992 is a revolution for him: one of his friends (SIX! For President ...) introduces him to the legendary TB-303 of Roland and the other 606, 808, 909, 707 Wouah! Since then, he is hooked… The same year, David begins studying electronics and computer.

In '93, he begins to accumulate different music equipment (keyboard, drum machine, sampler, midi controller ...) to create his own home studio. It is during this period that he began Deejing with subsequent appearances in different clubs in Switzerland and abroad, like the ACTV Valencia in Spain and the Roxy Club in NYC ... City where he made friends who introduced him to the sound of the East Coast and Detroit ... Flash! In 96, together with some mates in Switzerland, David takes part in the creation of the techno labels Flash Records and Raptor Records.

In 2000, creation of a new recording studio with some musician friends. This new experience has enabled him to develop new and unexpected musical collaborations as well as meet other musicians from various backgrounds and of very different style. In recent years, David has further fine-tuned his skills of sound designer and his technical expertise in recording studio; this has gradually led his creations to acoustic colors purer and more minimal such as we can discover them today.