Morula EP

Morula EP

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

After the success of  “Elegance is Destroyed” Ep 12' released in March 2013, Finefood Rec is very pleased to present its second Digital EP "Morula" by the Swiss artist  songwriter, Konpiuta, included in this second release, is a first remix by label owner Ryan Hawkin whose first remix of "Elegance is Destroyed" has been widely acclaimed. The second remix is by  young talented Spanish Dj and composer, SeQ who is none the other than the boss of Doma Music, a label that we discovered through various remix collaborations on Frucht and Blue Code Records. We are honoured to have him join the Finefood artist cavalry.

Morula - Konpiuta (Original) 

Heart...beat, beat, beating. Swiss producer, Konpiûta engages low, circulatory overdrive, pumping vital sounds through dancers’ veins. Vessels transporting lighter, dry melodies from the oxygenating capillaries to the soul then, once the groove kicks in, the pulse quickens. Drawn back into the arteries by treacherous harmonies washing away the resonance of darkness, while a deep warm growl directs the flow of sonancy towards the ever-present reverb, like the valves in a heart, ensuring constant flow and system pressure. Vigorously alive, pulsating, Morula lives!

Morula - Konpiuta – Ryan Hawkin Remix 

Stimulating electrical impulses, Ryan Hawkin rewired all the palpitating elements of Konpiûta’s Morula like a precise cardiac surgeon, true to his style. Cadence is second only to swirling hi-hats muted by the percussion of a pacemaker ticking, an oscillating stereophonic throb, ever in need of more soundrous energy. As pulsations become darker, deeper and more vibrant, some lightheadedness may be felt, due to a light, fresh, beat-enriched fluttering. The ensuing exciting, breathlessness cannot be monitored on an electrocardiogram as only a slight murmur of contentment echoing the  steady regular pulse resounds through the dance floor.

Morula - Konpiuta  - SeQ Remix

Re-designing the essence of the original baseline of the original track was a clever move and demonstrates talent. His sound-scaping, confidence seems to be as natural as breathing for Spanish producer, SeQ. His first remix for the Swiss label, Fine Food Records, carries his very own brand of fresh sweet acoustics. Discrete yet pulsating clicks and cuts are so light and personal, they appear airborne, inhaled from deep down, in the heart of his tempo, revealing a gusty, bouncy, dance-floor vibration. Much to the delight of dance floors around the world, SeQ has definitely added a personal, vibrant, scintillating groove to this remix, thus rescuing it from possible death by metronomic asphyxiation.