12 inch
Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Deep, groovy and hypnotising. Greg Shepherd, sound architect of the Swiss label Finefood Records, brings a work of art of perfectly balanced architectural design to the market with his “Divine” EP. After his last release “Échec et Mat”, discerning aficionados can rejoice about the release of two original tracks as well as two remixes. One of the strong points of this EP is undoubtedly the remix from Berlin duo Soukie & Windish, that brings a particular substance to the “Divine” track. The same goes for Thomas T & Anish, who have managed to successfully remix the “Cosmic Child” tune and it’s bewitching atmosphere. Release vinyl march 15th, digital April 7th. 

Divine (Original mix)

For his first of a 4 track release on Swiss label, Finefood Records, Greg Shepherd remains true to himself and confirms his status as an architect of emotions. He defines form and space with a solid rhythmic base, cementing the layers of this original track with acid & colourful synth tones. As any architect would, Greg has taken care of the aesthetics by embellishing his creation with a subtly throbbing groove and organic vibes. A true designer of dancefloor architecture.

Divine (Soukie & Windish - Remix)

For this remix of Greg Shepherd’s original, this Berlin based duo Soukie and Windish embrace the original organic vibe for their first collaboration with Finefood Records. By minimising the vocal to a bare frequency and pushing the throbbing groove they send this track to new ecstatic heights, doing the original track honour. A “must have track” in any Dj’s flight case.

Cosmic Child (Original mix)

Mesmerising, deep – this original track by Swiss artist Greg Shepherd is rightly named “Cosmic Child” as all the elements of the dancefloor universe come together to celebrate the birth of rhythm, cadence, melody and the essence of tempo and vibe.  The track is bewitching and will cast a spell on any crowd to draw them onto the dancefloor.

Cosmic Child (Thomas T & Anish – Remix)

ThomasT & Anish, no strangers to Finefood Record fans as this is their second remix for the Swiss label and they have done label boss, Ryan Hawkin proud yet again! This pulsating variation of the Greg Shepherd’s original, although recognisable, has been heated up with vibe spices to make a new groovy sauce with a secret ingredient that only ThomasT & Anish know of.

We Fall Ep

12 inch
Tuesday, March 15, 2016

We Fall EP
Feedback and support by Richie Hawtin, Maceo Plex, Claude Von Strok, Paco Osuna, Ilario Alicante, Joseph Capriati, Dan Marciano, Dee Green and many more....

Benjamin Fehr - We Fall - Original

Finefood records and Benjamin Fehr are doing it again! One of the most talented producers of our time, teams up with the Swiss label in true techno tradition. This tightly controlled production is purposely built to enhance the dance floor with masterful, artful soundscaping. A tech hit if ever there was one.

Benjamin Fehr - We Fall - Hernan Bass Remix

The first remix is produced by the talented Argentine artist Hernan Bass for the Swiss label, Finefood Records, he has done an amazing job. After stripping the track down to it’s bare essentials, he kept the underlying tones and transformed the track into a more percussive melodic track, which any self respecting Dj would love to play.

Benjamin Fehr - Alien Visa - Original

German mix-master Benjamin Fehr partners up with Alien Visa for this 7th production on Swiss label Finefood records. Growling and menacing, this duo reveal a dark side to the dance floor which can drive any electronic music enthusiast into fervor. Saccaded baselines reveal their talent.

Benjamin Fehr - Alien Visa - Thomas T & Anish Intergalactic Remix

Thomas T and Anish are back again, collaborating with their favourite Swiss record label in this translation of Benjamin Fehr’s Alien Visa original track remix. Nothing is lost in this translation; on the contrary, a 3rd dimension is added, transforming this track into true techno, spoken by all.

Moonwalker EP

12 inch
Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Soon on digital!

Thomas T& Anish - Moonwalker (original mix)

Finefood Records has done it again! This 100% Swiss release is by the duo Thomas T & Anish and is their second on the up and coming label. This track blasts through the dance-osphere and boogies on through hypnotizing space, mastering the filter to produce a very cocooned trance. Lulling the dance floor into dancing with them on the moon, enticing, deep yet always dangerous.

Thomas T & Anish - Stargate (original mix)

This Swiss Italian duo, Thomas T & Anish​ now race for the stars with this rocket track "Stargate" on Finefood Records taking the dancefloor up with them in a whirl! Surprising and exciting, it smashes through the ozone, never stopping. Tried and tested, we still have not found Ryan Hawkin, label boss since he last played the track, we believe he is in the solar system somewhere! A clear demonstration that the sky is not the limit.


12 inch
Friday, May 15, 2015

Soon on digital!

Marco da Mata & Ema - Safka - Original

Finefood records is very excited to release Safka EP by two very promising Swiss artists, Marco da Mata & Ema. Light and airy yet slave to an unrelenting dance floor beat, this original track, while being wild as a lion, is restrained by intricate melodies and tamed by haunting whispering voices.

Marco da Mata & Ema - Safka - Dan Noel Remix

This remix of Marco da Mata & Ema’s original by friend Dan Noel is a housy take on the this Finefood Records dance floor bomb, he is not about to tame the beast but adds to its fury and urgency. Fat kicks and subtle effects render this track even more effective.

Marco da Mata & Ema - Safka - David Torr Remix

Remixing among friend is one of the luxuries that this Finefoods EP has to offer. Neuchâtelois David Torr has taken the essential wildness of the original track by fellow Swiss artists Marco da Mata and Ema and has added a new, sharper  tech house perspective

Marco da Mata & Ema - Safka - Robie Rios Remix

Robin Rios stripped back the track to it’s bare essentials and has added waves of sound and new rhythmics to the original Finefood Records track by Marco da Mata & Ema. Swiss excellence at its best he has brought out the wild lion in the track instead of taming it.

Murphy Hours EP

Friday, December 12, 2014

Murphy Hours - Original Track by Rawtec

With his very first digital release on Swiss label FineFood Records, Rawtec aka Dj SeQ, boss of Spanish label Doma Musique, brings out the elegant danger one feels in “Murphy Hours” by never letting up the tension on this deep dancefloor explosion. Like a hunter, holding his breath with the dancer, his target in his sights, he takes aim and we all hold our breath while he tightens his finger on the trigger. No dancefloor animal can escape his true shot.


Murphy Hours -  Remix by From Karaoke to Stardom

This sublimed remix of the original by Spanish label Doma Boss, Rawtek, “Murphy Hours” is also a first collaboration between superstar From Karaoke to Stardom and Swiss label FineFood Recods. Having striped the original down to its barest of elements and redesigned the soundscape to his own sauce, From Karaoke to Stardom uses subtle, masterful tricks of hypnotization and makes the dancer forget to the element of imminent danger. Beware! Be very aware!

Raiders - Original Track by Rawtec

Rawtek, aka Dj SeQ’s, second original track on this Swiss EP reveals his what an artful percussive storyteller he can be. One is drawn in by the drama each instrument recounts to the dancer, each chapter has its’ own epic page turning excitement, all woven into a surround sound tale taking the dancefloor to even higher spellbound heights while never exaggerating - each sound in the right time and the right place.


Reversal Things - Original Track by Rawtec

This is the third original track from Spanish artist Rawtek, aka SeQ on the  “Murphy Hours EP” and here he has shown off his prowess in cadence as well as rhythm as the picture he portrays is etched into your soul. Onto a blank canvass he sketches the outline to a scene, very minimal at first, then slowly as he applies the colour. Light elegant watercolour of sound with tints of darkness here and there, the permanence of the underlying lightness shines through and makes this a dancefloor sensation

Yha Neth EP ( vinyl sold out)

12 inch
Monday, October 13, 2014


Soon on digital!

The rhythm of YHA NETH is as menacing and as dangerous as drummers drumming with sticks of live dynamite with a very short fuse. Fortunately this track is also blessed with a mature undulating throb and a groovy baseline worth the name, which attempts, as heroes usually insist on doing, to save the day. Fat melodies and grave voices counter pulsate be-tween each beat, creating friction & sparks which could, at any minute, ignite the fuses and blow all to Hell and Kingdom come. Tension is masterfully controlled at it’s tightest. Sirens, wailing warning all to get to the nearest bomb-shelter to take cover — but the dancers, mesmerized, are incapable of moving away from the dangers of the dance-floor to safety.

Thomas T & Anish - YHA NETH - Kane Roth — REMIX

Kane Roth has been producing since 2006 and is, without doubt, currently one of the most fructiferous artists in France. This somewhat masculine remix of YHA NETH is powerful, per-cussive and assertive. The massive relentlessness in the baseline is not only uncompromising but unapologetic to beat and reveals handsome traits such as ambition, pride, honor, com-petitiveness and a sense of adventure — perfect pheromones to drive anyone into a dance floor frenzy. So valiant is the track that, in fact, if one doesn't pay close attention to the dainty, tell-tale signs, one will be willfully tricked into imagining that this creative artist actu-ally has a beard , hairy chest and and a baritone voice. Binary gender trickery I warn! With-out the intricate soundscapes embroidered into the silky melody, one would never have doubted that Kane Roth is a she! As curvy, and sexy a she as can be, her “ballsy," no-nonsense attitude exudes confidence… what more could a frenzied dance floor want?

Thomas T & Anish - HOMME 

Original HOMME is like a fiercely growling fauve, as free and wild as only big cats can get. Ready to hiss, spit and scratch. Thomas T & Anish first unleash this nasty beast and then duly set out to artfully tame the savage, unruly reverberation. Never using a whip to beat rhythm into the animal, they adopt a more subtle, elegant manner of hypnotizing it with a sexy, sensually mesmerizing voice. Slowly but surely they entice the reverb to lessen into a mere echo which finally ebbs gracefully away into the faintest of vibrations.The growls, as regular as a metro-nome, give way to a deep and sonorous purring. A groovy, almost sloppy baseline underlines organic warmth and well being. The once-tiger-now-kitty-cat greets you at the door and de-mands a pat and scratch.

Thomas T & Anish - HOMME - Luca Torre - REMIX

Samuel Severino aka Luca Torre, the prodigal son, has mastered a minimally elegant yet subtle twist to Thomas T & Anish’s HOMME, rendering it sonorously slow and lazy at first. The surprise is in the sudden change of cadence, a note of urgency is painstakingly crafted into each element, expertly transforming the atmosphere, as if pressure was being applied (to the pure delight of the enchanted dance floor). As the track evolves, the hypnotic voices which seemed lighter and airier also take on a more insistent tonality. Dark piano notes which appear to be scattered nonchalantly here and there, succeed wonderfully in holding the melody together ever so loosely actually weave the track into one.

World 247 EP

12 inch
Friday, April 4, 2014


Nelson de Jesus - World 247 - Original

Nelson de Jesus sets the scene of an epic Danceland fairytale track of heart-in mouthexcitement. An unsuspecting dancer swirling through the forest into the mouth of thepulsating big bad beat,waiting in disguise to gobble the dancer up. Danger of being eternally lost in Danceland threatens as darker sounds whoosh in to help the big bad beat capture the dancer. The whirling cadence leaves the enchanted dancer no choice but to dance on…

Nelson de Jesus - World 247 - Jens Bond - REMIX 

True to his Berliner style, groove master, Jens Bons not only becomes an accomplice of the big bad beat and Nelson de Jesus’ wicked scheme to entrap the swirling dancer in Dancelandforever, but he cleverly enhances the subtle wickedness. In this remix, Ii is too easy to getcaught up in the groovy, growling soundscape, and forget that you are dancing to the artfulpulsating big bad beat who is waiting to gobble you up.

Nelson de Jesus - World 247 - Ryan Hawkin - REMIX

At first one is fooled into believing that label boss, Ryan Hawkin is the knight in shining armor on this fairtale-like EP and will liberate the swirling dancer from the pulsating big bad beat by slightly altering the tempo & using airy high hats to cast a spell and free the dancer in
a liberating act of generous dance floor mastership. Beware! This remixer is ever faithful to the original and you may never be freed.

Nelson de Jesus - World 247 - Juliett - REMIX

Every fairytale-like EP needs a princess, but Juliett’s remix shows that she is by no means a damsel in distress but is the wicked Queen of Danceland. She takes the swirling soundscape so artfully woven by Nelson de Jesus’ original, tames it and ensures the out come of this tale is to her groovy, dance floor satisfaction. She moulds the pulsating big bad beat with her magic wand and mesmerizing vocals, transforming this remix into her own dancer trap.

I am Here EP (sold out)

12 inch
Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I am Here EP by Eran Ben-Zeev

I am here

Powerful, mesmerizing this track gets you right were in counts - in the stomach. Pulsating, it slowly seeps through and takes control and floods the whole body with a laid-back kind of urgency. Eran Ben Zeev leaves nothing to chance as each carefully placed sound is as efficient as the next, artfully winding up the tension which only a dance floor can release.


True to his stamp, Eran Ben Zeev unleashes a growling beast for Fine Food Records. At first one may be taken in by a warm, welcoming pussy cat purr which draws you in like the whispering sorceress, inspiring confidence. But be aware; do not trust the enticing, bewitching sounds or you may be lost forever in dance land!


Percussive, bouncy yet subtly dark 'Subcapsular' is like a 'Fondant au Chocolate' hot from the oven. At first the exciting smells wafer through, making your mouth water. Crispy on the outside one does not expect the sinfully rich dark hot chocolate inside. You can never get enough, you simply must have more.


Weaving through a minefield of artfully placed bass drums, the kick tries again and again to free itself from the grip of the reverb. Sometimes it wins the dance floor battle for the Crown of the Beat but also sometimes experiencing devastating loss as the bass is relentless and has vowed never to give up. It sweeps you away and gives your body to the rhythm as a sacrifice.

Morula EP

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

After the success of  “Elegance is Destroyed” Ep 12' released in March 2013, Finefood Rec is very pleased to present its second Digital EP "Morula" by the Swiss artist  songwriter, Konpiuta, included in this second release, is a first remix by label owner Ryan Hawkin whose first remix of "Elegance is Destroyed" has been widely acclaimed. The second remix is by  young talented Spanish Dj and composer, SeQ who is none the other than the boss of Doma Music, a label that we discovered through various remix collaborations on Frucht and Blue Code Records. We are honoured to have him join the Finefood artist cavalry.

Morula - Konpiuta (Original) 

Heart...beat, beat, beating. Swiss producer, Konpiûta engages low, circulatory overdrive, pumping vital sounds through dancers’ veins. Vessels transporting lighter, dry melodies from the oxygenating capillaries to the soul then, once the groove kicks in, the pulse quickens. Drawn back into the arteries by treacherous harmonies washing away the resonance of darkness, while a deep warm growl directs the flow of sonancy towards the ever-present reverb, like the valves in a heart, ensuring constant flow and system pressure. Vigorously alive, pulsating, Morula lives!

Morula - Konpiuta – Ryan Hawkin Remix 

Stimulating electrical impulses, Ryan Hawkin rewired all the palpitating elements of Konpiûta’s Morula like a precise cardiac surgeon, true to his style. Cadence is second only to swirling hi-hats muted by the percussion of a pacemaker ticking, an oscillating stereophonic throb, ever in need of more soundrous energy. As pulsations become darker, deeper and more vibrant, some lightheadedness may be felt, due to a light, fresh, beat-enriched fluttering. The ensuing exciting, breathlessness cannot be monitored on an electrocardiogram as only a slight murmur of contentment echoing the  steady regular pulse resounds through the dance floor.

Morula - Konpiuta  - SeQ Remix

Re-designing the essence of the original baseline of the original track was a clever move and demonstrates talent. His sound-scaping, confidence seems to be as natural as breathing for Spanish producer, SeQ. His first remix for the Swiss label, Fine Food Records, carries his very own brand of fresh sweet acoustics. Discrete yet pulsating clicks and cuts are so light and personal, they appear airborne, inhaled from deep down, in the heart of his tempo, revealing a gusty, bouncy, dance-floor vibration. Much to the delight of dance floors around the world, SeQ has definitely added a personal, vibrant, scintillating groove to this remix, thus rescuing it from possible death by metronomic asphyxiation.

The Forge EP

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Forge Ep by Ryan Hawkin and David Fjörgenson incl Benjamin Fehr RMX

The Forge Original (David Fjörgenson & Ryan Hawkin) 

This roller coaster of a track starts right at the top of the ride and relentlessly it propels one up and up through a wealth of sounds, up even higher and down and round again and again, leaving the listener short of breathe with excitement. Dangerous yet exhilarating the dark undertones are just like the rush of the double down drop and then groove kicks in, adding rolls and curves to the ride of a lifetime.

The Forge Benjamin Fehr Remix

Benjamin Fehr is back with a remix on the Swiss label, Fine Foods. His hypnotic interpretation of The Forge, while having light sonorities, has an underlying current of energy, which is masterfully contained to the point of it being sweetly unbearable. A deep, rhythmic volcano on the never-ending point of erupting, all eyes watch in anticipation. His unique sense of cadence keeps this abundant energy under tight control and delights the dance floor.

The Forge Ryan Hawkin Remix

This lighter, more aired version of The Forge reflects Ryan Hakins love of detail as he threads the very fibre of sound together ever so delicately, while weaving in a very powerful baseline to give form to a very funky fabric. Just as each precise stitch is essential to silk Chantilly lace, each sound is deliberately placed in this phonic tapestry, embroidering the track as one would the finest of cloth.

Elegance Is Destroyed EP (sold out)

12 inch
Saturday, March 23, 2013


After a year of hard work, we are very proud to present the first fresh ep, Elegance is destroyed composed by David Fjörgenson and Mia Kaltes. First of a long series of a great new project by the new Swiss Label Finefood Records, includes in this release a special rmx by Seph and a second rmx by Ryan Hawkin, boss of Finefood Records. Minimal & Groovy, yet Ghostly and contemporary techno is the line of this new ep which will certainly attract the ears of the most refined djs

Elegance is Destroyed - Original (David Fjögenson & Mia Kaltes) 

Hauntingly elegant this track flirts with Latino percussions intertwined with a masterful baseline and takes the dance floor to another planet, wilder yet contained. You could get lost if you close your eyes as the sounds twirl around you and sweep you off your feet. Luckily you don't leave the ground, as your feet are too busy grooving to the rhythm.

Elegance is Destroyed- Ryan Hawkin Remix

Ryan Hawkin's interpretation while being truthful to the original, stands out with his own personal stamp as he applies his artful way of introducing sounds as an aquarelle artist introduces colour, diluting the colours and using lighter lines and strokes, painting only the essential leaving the listener the luxury of colouring in the rest of this intense tableau. Soundscaping at its best.

Elegance is Detstroyed - Seph Remix

The wilderness of the original is underlined in this remix where we literally feel as the sounds have gone through a blender, as Seph's raw talent unleashes the groovy Latino undertones as he amalgamates the original sounds, and serves up an exquisite dance floor smoothie. Rhythm and percussion provide the same amount of concentrated vitamins which will be needed when listening to this track.

Mountain Land EP

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Ryan Hawkin Bouncy yet dark, light yet with a massive bass-line, this track slowly reveals its groove intertwined with artfully mastered sounds and effects. Ryan Hawkins first release reflects the 15 years of Djing behind him as this deep epic swirls around you, taking you on a journey through Mountainland onto the dance floor.


Mini-Jools clever percussions add another dynamic to Mountainland. The sweeping sounds are propelled by a faint light airy melody which all come together nicely to create an uplifting yet faithful version of the original.