Hernan Bass

From Buenos Aires, Hernan Bass is a well-known talented producer at the dark techno global scene and founder of Krad Records. He begins with the electronic music since 2008 as a dj and 1 year later he started do his own music. His productions were used for several well-recognized dj’s. 

Labels like Frucht, Doma Musique, Minim.all , Music Kollektiv, Divided, Lethal Scritp/Dose, Creepy Finger Seta label, Italo Bussines and more have released his music, also vinyls at Der Hut, La Boheme Records, FineFood Rec.

Until this day, he keeps playing at clubs from different countries as Argentina, Portugal, Germany, Belgica, France, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Cape Town, Johanesburg and rest of Europe, also many radio shows coming up.

He always continues in his search for a clean and unique sound on his music, constantly evolving.