World 247 EP

World 247 EP

12 inch
Friday, April 4, 2014


Nelson de Jesus - World 247 - Original

Nelson de Jesus sets the scene of an epic Danceland fairytale track of heart-in mouthexcitement. An unsuspecting dancer swirling through the forest into the mouth of thepulsating big bad beat,waiting in disguise to gobble the dancer up. Danger of being eternally lost in Danceland threatens as darker sounds whoosh in to help the big bad beat capture the dancer. The whirling cadence leaves the enchanted dancer no choice but to dance on…

Nelson de Jesus - World 247 - Jens Bond - REMIX 

True to his Berliner style, groove master, Jens Bons not only becomes an accomplice of the big bad beat and Nelson de Jesus’ wicked scheme to entrap the swirling dancer in Dancelandforever, but he cleverly enhances the subtle wickedness. In this remix, Ii is too easy to getcaught up in the groovy, growling soundscape, and forget that you are dancing to the artfulpulsating big bad beat who is waiting to gobble you up.

Nelson de Jesus - World 247 - Ryan Hawkin - REMIX

At first one is fooled into believing that label boss, Ryan Hawkin is the knight in shining armor on this fairtale-like EP and will liberate the swirling dancer from the pulsating big bad beat by slightly altering the tempo & using airy high hats to cast a spell and free the dancer in
a liberating act of generous dance floor mastership. Beware! This remixer is ever faithful to the original and you may never be freed.

Nelson de Jesus - World 247 - Juliett - REMIX

Every fairytale-like EP needs a princess, but Juliett’s remix shows that she is by no means a damsel in distress but is the wicked Queen of Danceland. She takes the swirling soundscape so artfully woven by Nelson de Jesus’ original, tames it and ensures the out come of this tale is to her groovy, dance floor satisfaction. She moulds the pulsating big bad beat with her magic wand and mesmerizing vocals, transforming this remix into her own dancer trap.