Yha Neth EP ( vinyl sold out)

Yha Neth EP ( vinyl sold out)

12 inch
Monday, October 13, 2014


Soon on digital!

The rhythm of YHA NETH is as menacing and as dangerous as drummers drumming with sticks of live dynamite with a very short fuse. Fortunately this track is also blessed with a mature undulating throb and a groovy baseline worth the name, which attempts, as heroes usually insist on doing, to save the day. Fat melodies and grave voices counter pulsate be-tween each beat, creating friction & sparks which could, at any minute, ignite the fuses and blow all to Hell and Kingdom come. Tension is masterfully controlled at it’s tightest. Sirens, wailing warning all to get to the nearest bomb-shelter to take cover — but the dancers, mesmerized, are incapable of moving away from the dangers of the dance-floor to safety.

Thomas T & Anish - YHA NETH - Kane Roth — REMIX

Kane Roth has been producing since 2006 and is, without doubt, currently one of the most fructiferous artists in France. This somewhat masculine remix of YHA NETH is powerful, per-cussive and assertive. The massive relentlessness in the baseline is not only uncompromising but unapologetic to beat and reveals handsome traits such as ambition, pride, honor, com-petitiveness and a sense of adventure — perfect pheromones to drive anyone into a dance floor frenzy. So valiant is the track that, in fact, if one doesn't pay close attention to the dainty, tell-tale signs, one will be willfully tricked into imagining that this creative artist actu-ally has a beard , hairy chest and and a baritone voice. Binary gender trickery I warn! With-out the intricate soundscapes embroidered into the silky melody, one would never have doubted that Kane Roth is a she! As curvy, and sexy a she as can be, her “ballsy," no-nonsense attitude exudes confidence… what more could a frenzied dance floor want?

Thomas T & Anish - HOMME 

Original HOMME is like a fiercely growling fauve, as free and wild as only big cats can get. Ready to hiss, spit and scratch. Thomas T & Anish first unleash this nasty beast and then duly set out to artfully tame the savage, unruly reverberation. Never using a whip to beat rhythm into the animal, they adopt a more subtle, elegant manner of hypnotizing it with a sexy, sensually mesmerizing voice. Slowly but surely they entice the reverb to lessen into a mere echo which finally ebbs gracefully away into the faintest of vibrations.The growls, as regular as a metro-nome, give way to a deep and sonorous purring. A groovy, almost sloppy baseline underlines organic warmth and well being. The once-tiger-now-kitty-cat greets you at the door and de-mands a pat and scratch.

Thomas T & Anish - HOMME - Luca Torre - REMIX

Samuel Severino aka Luca Torre, the prodigal son, has mastered a minimally elegant yet subtle twist to Thomas T & Anish’s HOMME, rendering it sonorously slow and lazy at first. The surprise is in the sudden change of cadence, a note of urgency is painstakingly crafted into each element, expertly transforming the atmosphere, as if pressure was being applied (to the pure delight of the enchanted dance floor). As the track evolves, the hypnotic voices which seemed lighter and airier also take on a more insistent tonality. Dark piano notes which appear to be scattered nonchalantly here and there, succeed wonderfully in holding the melody together ever so loosely actually weave the track into one.